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Adjust your chair for Better WORK HEALTH 

As we spend significant time each day sitting in a chair, it is important to ensure we assume a comfortable and symmetrical posture with our spinal curves intact as this will minimise the effects of wear and tear on our bodies.


Employers spend a lot of money on providing their workers with suitable, adjustable office chairs, however, surprisingly most workers have not adjusted their chair to suit their needs. This potentially causes back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders.


During this 1 hour training session, workers familiarise themselves with all of the leavers of their chair and practise using these, so they can independently adjust their chair to best support them when seated.


Topics covered in this session:

  • The spine - anatomy

  • How to adjust your office chair

  • How does your chair interact with your workstation

  • Different working postures for different tasks

  • Alternative chairs

Better Work Health Injury Prevention Services Dorle Minikin Occupational Therapist
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