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Home Office Assessment  

As workplaces are becoming more flexible and allowing employees to work from home, Better WORK HEALTH’s Home Office Assessments are designed to help an employer fulfil their legal obligations under the WHS Act when the home environment becomes the office.


The assessment should be conducted prior to the commencement of home-based work, to ensure the home environment is safe for the completion of the required work tasks.


The home-based work assessment will involve:


  • assessing the work environment, equipment used (workstation) and work processes/ procedures

  • discussing workplace safety issues including first aid, fire safety, communicating with the workplace and transporting equipment/ material

  • clarifying if the employee is experiencing any symptoms or difficulties when performing work tasks

  • taking measurements of the workstation to ensure compliance with Australian Standards and the worker's individual anthropometrics

  • recommending workstation adjustments, modifications or equipment (where applicable) in consultation with the worker and employer to eliminate risks identified

  • providing education on safe work practices and improved postural awareness

  • providing a typed report outlining recommendations to ensure a safe home working environment


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