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Specialist Ergonomic Assessment

Is suitable for an employee who is reporting discomfort or pain; or has a health condition/ disability which may put them at risk of sustaining a workplace injury. This is an early intervention service aimed at preventing injury, whilst maximising your worker's comfort and performance.    


The specialist assessment includes all aspects of the standard workstation assessment plus:


  • discussion of any symptoms or difficulties the worker is experiencing when performing work tasks

  • observation and analysis of the interaction between the worker, their workstation and their work practices to identify how these may be contributing to reported discomfort or injury

  • consultation and education to encourage the worker to take self-responsibility to monitor their postures and work habits

  • prescription of specialised ergonomic equipment (only if it will directly eliminate or control a risk factor identified)

  • discussion of the findings and recommendation with the team leader

  • detailed report outlining risk factors identified and specific strategies to eliminate or control these

Better Work Health Injury Prevention Services Dorle Minikin Occupational Therapist
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